This blog chronicles the adventures of our family as we travel, hike, camp, visit, cook, parent, live, and grow in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains outside Denver, Colorado.

Amy is the blog's primary author.  She grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, and comes to Colorado by way of Massachusetts, California, and a brief stint in Texas.  An engineer by day, she enjoys being a mom of two, cooking, and being the family archiver for a crazy-awesome life.

Travis is also an engineer who hails from Northeast Ohio.  He enjoys travel, the outdoors, home improvement projects, and getting a great deal.

Andrew is two.  He enjoys jumping/bouncing/hopping, construction equipment and modes of transportation of all kinds, throwing rocks into water, and cooking.  He is incredibly caring and empathetic with his little sister (most of the time), other children, and adults. He loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor. 

Clara is one.  She enjoys climbing anywhere she can get a foothold - super bonus points if it's somewhere she can get up to but can't get down from.  She loves food: watermelon and bananas, snap peas and brussels sprouts, steak and sausage, milk and ice cream are all favorites.  She loves to laugh at her big brother's antics and is happier when he's around.

Pine Hill was so named after Pine Lane, the home of Travis's parents in Ohio.


  1. HI, I am a mother of a daughter who has milroy disease. She was also born with it and is almost 7 years old. Would love to hear more about your journey. Here is my email if you ever want to contact me

  2. Hello Amy...Thank you for your blog...My wife and I welcomed our beautiful baby boy on October 30th, 2014...and he is 1 month now. He was born with the same swollen feet as your son (Except my son had both feet swollen). I read your blog about his MRI and test, but did not see how it turned out or the results. Can you please reach out to me and give me more information about your sons condition and what came of it. We just recently read about "lymphoedema" and we are very scared...I hope to hear from you soon...

    Jeffrey Perry