Thursday, March 24, 2011

...I must be lonely

Woke up this morning at about 3:30am and just decided to give up on sleeping (and trying not to wake my husband) and came downstairs to lay on the couch.  I have this horrible head cold.  I woke up two mornings ago  (in Hawaii) not feeling great with this weird little cough.  Unfortunately, since then, I have had to fly a redeye and had a long day culminating in childbirth class.

I tried to give myself every opportunity to sleep last night: pile o' pillows, vaporizer with camphor medicine, vicks vapo-rub, but to little avail.  I guess I made it to 1:30 with little problems, so there you go.

Now I'm on the couch alone, waiting for the sun to come up, rocking a stuffed up nose, barking cough, which has resulted in a sore throat, and there's pressure in my ears.  Have to say that head cold +8.5 months pregnant is all kinds of extra miserable - all this and you are made to feel guilty about sleeping on your back/reclined!  There's no comfortable sleep position anyway.

Too bad tomorrow's a big day at work and I can't beg off (laws of physics say so).

So this is newborn training, right?