Thursday, March 24, 2011

...I must be lonely

Woke up this morning at about 3:30am and just decided to give up on sleeping (and trying not to wake my husband) and came downstairs to lay on the couch.  I have this horrible head cold.  I woke up two mornings ago  (in Hawaii) not feeling great with this weird little cough.  Unfortunately, since then, I have had to fly a redeye and had a long day culminating in childbirth class.

I tried to give myself every opportunity to sleep last night: pile o' pillows, vaporizer with camphor medicine, vicks vapo-rub, but to little avail.  I guess I made it to 1:30 with little problems, so there you go.

Now I'm on the couch alone, waiting for the sun to come up, rocking a stuffed up nose, barking cough, which has resulted in a sore throat, and there's pressure in my ears.  Have to say that head cold +8.5 months pregnant is all kinds of extra miserable - all this and you are made to feel guilty about sleeping on your back/reclined!  There's no comfortable sleep position anyway.

Too bad tomorrow's a big day at work and I can't beg off (laws of physics say so).

So this is newborn training, right?


  1. I hate to say it but...Yes. There were many nights with you in the quiet and darkness of the night we bonded at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. So sorry you are sick...pick up some sleep when you can and be easy on yourself! I love you!

  2. Weird - I commented yesterday, but it doesn't look like it showed up.

    Hope you get well soon! And good luck with the upcoming birth! I wish you an amazing journey.

  3. I commented yesterday and it wouldn't publish either... There is nothing worse than being sick when you're creating life! I cracked a rib (or so they guessed) when I was pregnant with the boys from coughing so hard and I am pretty sure that my super-teacher immune system always took a vacay when I was pregnant! (I think it's taken a vacay this year too... or those first graders bring a whole new strand of germs!)
    I hope that you are feeling better and soon (I know you will be well by delivery... WHICH IS GETTING CLOSE AND I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! But yes- I also think this is your training period... sleep will NEVER be the same as you once knew it... I'd say rest now but between sickness and middle of the night potty breaks and kicks in the nigh~ well, those blissful sleep-filled nights are LONG gone! I'm looking forward to real sleep again (when the kids are all moved out and we're like grandparents or something...)
    Hugs to you!