Friday, February 18, 2011

Starting to Look Like a Nursery...

Now that my critical event has passed at work, I can get back to normal activities, like... oh.... life.  So today was a productive day of productivity here on Pine Hill.  Devin and Kathleen are in town this weekend for a visit (yay!) and so we enlisted their help to haul some furniture around.  (Yes... makes you want to come visit us, doesn't it??)

So we (and by "we" I of course mean Travis and Devin) hauled the Beast of an armoire up to the future nursery (baby closet!).  I should have taken pictures of this operation, it was so impressive, but went off quickly without a hitch.  Good job, manly men.  Then, Kathleen and I left the manly men to put together the crib while we made cranberry-pecan muffins.  Sadly, I have no pictures of the muffins (which were delicious, btw).  Happily, I do have pictures of the nursery-in-progress.  Now with crib!!!  It's like there's actually a baby coming here soon!!

Armoire Beast and crib (yay!)

Changing-table-to-be -- needs a pad

To finish off the furniture we have so far, we set up the glider on the "see the gorgeous mountain view out the window" platform.  *sigh*  It's going to be a retreat.

In other news, Travis's "man cave" office, recently relocated to the main floor, is coming along swimmingly.  And we have restacked wood by the house after nearly depleting it during the recent cold/snow.

Now we just need some decor-power in that nursery!  (Mom?)

Oh yeah, here's a nice shot of my 28wk belly (last week).  I think it's starting to look like a pretty pregnant belly now!  Hooray, third trimester!

ETA: Just kidding.  Couldn't resist the muffin picture...


  1. This is so exciting!!! I love to see the beginnings of the nursery taking shape! How wonderful to make it a family affair too! The muffins look delicious and I love how you put that platform up to enjoy that beautiful view! That glider will be your best friend for years and years! You look beautiful mama! Can't wait to see you!!!!

  2. Love the preparations and the belly! Nora LOVED the muffin photo, she smacked her lips and pretended to reach out and grab a bite.