Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I've been compiling a post in my head about the scrub oak leafing out, the lilacs in bloom, and the gorgeous purple irises we've inherited.  Buuuut, that post is trumped.

This evening, just before sunset, we were lounging on the couch, just chatting softly.  The front door was open, the screen door shut.  We have hung a birdfeeder out above the rail on the front porch.  Partly this is because I was told that woodpeckers dislike finches, but now that the woodpeckers have left for the summer (thank goodness), the bird feeder is more for watching cute little birdies.  We've had gold finches, a red tanager, and lots of common brown finches.  Earlier this evening, we noticed a squirrel, and laughed as he contemplated how to get up to the feeder.  He gave up before success.

Bird feeder location, as viewed from inside the front door.

Then, as we were laying here, chatting. We heard a scratching at the deck, not unlike the sound of the squirrel.  Then there was a BANG, like someone was walking on the deck or trying to get into the screen door.  Thinking someone had come up to visit, I jumped off the couch and whirled around towards the door.  And there, standing on the ledge  of the driveway, with his/her massive paws leaning on the porch railing like s/he wanted to order a beer, was a large brown bear.  The cute, cuddly face peered curiously into the darkening house through the screen door.

Bear location

Naturally, I panicked.  We slammed the front door shut and locked it.  By the time I scrambled and got the camera, it was long gone, no trace anywhere.  We must have scared it, poor thing.  It sure scared us.  I wonder what it wanted: the birdseed?  the birds?  the squirrel?  curiosity about the creatures living in the house?

The previous owner told us to expect the bear once a year.  I hope he was right, this was our only sighting for this year.

And while I'm here posting:

Purple Irises (in a bed that needs weeded)

Lilacs in bloom.

I think I shall name our bear Winnie the Pooh.  And report it to the Division of Wildlife.

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  1. Awesome. Get a picture next time. :)

    Oh, and it would have been a black bear, not a brown. Brown bears are grizzlies, which don't live in Colorado anymore. If it *was* a grizzly, then definitely contact the Division of Wildlife. And get a gun. ;)