Thursday, June 30, 2011


Many little things have happened this week, so before we embark on our next adventure, I'm noting them for posterity.

On Monday, after several rounds of a bit of blood in his stool, we saw the ped and tested positive for allergic colitis - that is, cow's milk sensitivity/allergy.  This is really common in babes, and mostly they grow out of it.  The result is that I am now off of dairy products and on calcium supplements.  There is already a difference in Andrew.  His poops (tmi, sorry, I know, but hey, it's my blog) are much less runny/mucousy and have a thicker more pasty texture, and he has much less gas.  On the plus side for me, cheese tends to be my diet downfall, so hopefully this restriction will help out with my post-partum weight loss.

On Tuesday, Mr. Andrew turned two months old.  For the first time ever, he slept for a full nap (2 1/4 hrs) all by himself in his crib - not touching a person and not in motion (in the swing or the car).  And then that afternoon he did it again for an hour.  And the next morning.  So we got brave last night and put him down for the first segment of night sleep at 8:15pm in his crib, and he slept there soundly until 11:45pm!  I knew it would happen, but didn't really believe it - our boy is able to sleep by himself!  On a non-moving flat surface! This is incredibly exciting.  He's growing up!  Now if only he'd put himself to sleep instead of crying for help and needing rocked or bounced.  Ah, someday.

Also on Tuesday, it was very warm outside, so we had some naked time on the porch.  This was suggested by one of my books as a developmental thing to introduce him to his body.  We took off all his clothes and just let him feel the breeze.  Plus he's got a really cute bod.  ;)

Yesterday, we went to see Andrew's first movie - Cars 2 - with Shena Auntie.  It was SO FUN.  We went to the first matinee of the day, and there were plenty of little ones chit-chatting, so any noise we made was really no big deal.  Andrew was great!  He nursed, and then he watched the movie for about an hour.  He was really entertained by all the colors, lights, and sounds.  Then he made his "I'm tired" fuss, so we cuddled up and he slept for the rest of the movie.  Not bad.  I think I'll make it a goal to see more movies before I go back to work.

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  1. Amy,

    I am way behind in reading your blog. Forgive the late commentary. I'm going to consolidate a couple responses here.

    1. That 150-year-old cradle rocks my socks.

    2. I love that Andrew was able to be baptized in a home. Not that I don't like to see babies baptized in church, but there is something so intimate about any kind of sacrament (weddings, baptisms, communion etc.) given in a home.

    3. Clare also has a milk allergy! It only manifested itself as eczema in the early months, so we didn't figure it out until she was on solids. (When yogurt = hives, you think "allergy" pretty quick.) Anyway, I also had to give up dairy at that point. If you miss your cheese, there is a decent cheese alternative out there called "daiya". Their mis-capitalization, not mine. It is NOT soy (something I was trying to avoid since I already drink soy milk). It is actually made with tapioca flour and some other weird flour, arrowroot maybe. The flavor is only mediocre, but the texture approximates real cheese. It costs about $5 a bag at our Kroger. Expensive, yes, but I could make a bag last a couple weeks by using it sparingly. It's low-calorie, too.

    Some other good dairy substitutes are rice ice cream and coconut milk yogurt. A word of warning, though: the coconut milk yogurt is quite high in fat. It will be a good thing to give Andrew since babies need fat. Clare loves it.