Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun with hanging things

Andrew is 12 weeks old today.  He weighs 14lb, 10.4oz, and is gaining at the ridiculous rate of 1.77oz/day.  And the second derivative shows no signs of going negative - maybe he really will be the size of a 747 by the time he's 3 years old!

I got a little excited when I posted my fascination with Andrew's desire to reach hangy things this morning.  We worked on this skill all morning.  He was able to grab the Hippo and the Monkey rings on his bouncer chair.  I missed that moment, but here he is swatting at both of them:

Then we played with the baby gym.  In the middle, there hangs a ladybug with a ring that plays music when you pull the ring.  Andrew has been able to grasp the ring all this week, but hasn't gotten the knack or the grip strength to pull on it and start the music.  At least he hadn't until today.

Hand in the ring

Action shot: swinging elephant in the foreground, batting the ladybug in the back

Hi Mom.

He got a good grip on that ring.

Once he got the music to start a couple of times, he pulled the ring over and over and over, starting the next song before the previous one had finished.  I'm not sure if he really understood the cause-and-effect of the music starting, but he sure seemed to enjoy it.  And he did this all by himself, with no interaction from me!  I'm so impressed!

While all this was going on, this handsome young gentleman came to hang out in the patch of shady cool grass next to our shed:

And now for your viewing pleasure, more pics of Andrew, aged 12 weeks.

Yeah, he's totally a Simpkins

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