Sunday, December 11, 2011

A New Aunt

Uncle Devin and Aunt Kathleen got married!  Andrew has his first aunt (officially) and Amy and Travis both have their first sister - this is a big deal!

We flew out to Indianapolis and got in at a much more reasonable hour than we did on our last trip - no three hour delay! - and then stayed the night at the Radisson Indy Airport.  We then headed up for the lovely ceremony and totally fun reception at the Anderson Center For the Arts (TACA), and had fun with family and friends old and new.

The Groom awaits.

Uncle Tyler the Groomsman

Andrew really enjoyed Great Uncle Tim's ceremony - he was so well behaved!

Look how pretty Grandma looks!

Their unity ceremony was blending paints - it was SO COOL

Kissin' the bride!

Nursing at the gorgeous venue

The nephews
Why, yes... she is my older sister...  :oP

Wedding par-tay

"Blue Steel"

My brothers.  *sniff*  They're so handsome.
Too much fun with ATB Monique to be non-blurry

Robert is a natural.  I think he needs one of his own.

Sorry, guys, you have an interloper at the head table.
It was a beautiful evening, a beautiful couple, a beautiful wedding... and we hope and pray it will be a beautiful marriage!  Congratulations!


  1. Eeeee! You got our first kiss!! That's the first one of those I've seen! And the pre-ceremony one of Andrew is just darling...and the wedding party photos! And the nephews photo! And I MARRIED YOUR BROTHER!!! :-D

  2. Love it!!!! The pictures are great! Congrats on having a sister! I love that I have sisters now!! (and I tell Ali Jane not to worry but that one day she will have sisters too... sisters in LAW!) ;-)
    BTW- So impressed that that bright eyed and wide awake Andrew was good for the ceremony! VERY impressive!!!!
    AND you and your mom could be sisters! Great pics ladies!!!