Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In brief

Crawling - for real, on the knees.  None of this Army Crawl stuff.
Pulling himself up without help on any piece of furniture or freestanding structure he can find.
Cruising the furniture to get where he wants to go (and usually to get into something he's not allowed to be into, like say, the power cords of the laptops).  This activity is new as of tonight.
Falling on his butt and not being phased by it at all.
Gestures grandly and speaks with purpose, as if he's giving a speech of tremendous import.
Eating solids like a football player.

Seems like he's about two seconds away from both walking and talking.

Greek-style scallops with tomatoes, leeks, and feta with sides of couscous and broccoli 

Do you want to share some?

Grand gestures


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  1. He is such a cutie! I love listening to him too! That squeal is ADORABLE! He's getting so big... ready to be a big brother for sure!!! <3