Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Last week, Gma Joyce came to visit to help me to start to prepare for BG coming.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.  Andrew also enjoyed lavishing kisses and lovin' on Gma.

Yesterday, we had our friends, the A's, over for dinner.  Mr. Logan is about 3.5 months older than Andrew so it was fun to see them interact and to see what we can look forward to from Andrew when BG is born.

Look out, world.  Here comes trouble.

Stroller buddies. Who needs a duallie?

Today was Andrew's first Easter.  Andrew celebrated Christ's triumph over death by... taking a nap that lasted all the way through the service.  Perhaps this is a sign of the peace that passes all understanding?

After church, we went for a drive to see the burn zone from the Lower North Fork Fire.  It was pretty eerie.  One side of the road is charred and black and looks like the moon, and the other side is... green.  Normal.  As several members of our church were affected by the fire, and the sermon was themed on "new life rising out of ashes," seeing the burn area had incredible impact.

Once home, we made a huge ham, cheesy potato, and brussels sprouts feast... for just the three of us.  It was dee-licious.

We then colored eggs, which Andrew was kind of fascinated by.  He wanted to eat the eggs.

Andrew was so worn out that he crashed into bed at 6:30pm.

In other developmental news, Andrew appears to be cutting his first molar.  Ouch.  His sleep is shot again, and he's been irritable (for him).  I can feel the tooth coming under the gum, but who knows how long it will be until it actually erupts through - hopefully sooner rather than later!  Not sure how much more of this we can take!

His current fascination in play is with putting items in containers.  He loves "putting toys away."  Or taking rings off the stacker and dropping them in the lemonade can.  He's also getting that orientation is important.  He can finally get the letters into their slot on the electronic music box for our refrigerator alphabet set (thanks to the W's for multi-stage learning fun!).  He can get some of the shapes into the shape sorter, and he will sit and rotate them around, because he knows they have to be clocked properly to go in.  Impressive!


  1. I seriously love the developmental stage of putting things in containers. And watching them realize that orientation matters is completely fascinating. What an exciting time Andrew is going through! Happy Easter!

  2. very enjoyable post, and great looking kid. happy belated easter to all of you (and to W's).