Friday, April 26, 2013

Norway: Pancakes

This post is dedicated to the delicious rounds of tasty goodness available at our hotel from 3p-6p everyday.

The kids finally fell asleep last night around 1am Norway time.  C struggled staying asleep even after that, fixed only by getting past 4am (8pm Mountain).  We woke to the alarm at 915am to make sure we'd get free breakfast at the hotel - this being part of our "avoid ridiculously expensive Norway prices" eating plan.  After breakfast, (mmmm... swedish meatballs for breakfast), the sun was actually out and it was not raining, so we struck out to explore.  (A guy last night at dinner told us that we shouldn't have come in April as it rains all the time.  He said to come back in May.  Like... next week?)

We walked through the historic Bryggen area up to the Domkirke (Town church) whose bells were tolling at noon.  Inside, there was an organ performance going on, so it was pleasant to sit and listen for a few minutes, and the kids liked the music.  Outside in the churchyard there were white and purple crocuses, grape irises, and daffodils opening up - a very hopeful spring sight.  Walking back down toward our hotel, we found the base of the Fløibanen, the funicular that climbs Fløyen Mountain just northeast of town.  We jumped at the chance to take the trip, making it #8 on our list of funiculars of the world.

The views of Bryggen, the harbor, and the rest of Bergen from the top were spectacular.  There was a small playground too!  Unfortunately, our still potty training dude had a bit of an accident which prompted us to take off for home before too much fun could be had.  This wasn't a bad thing, as clouds were gathering.  We briefly discussed whether we should continue with our plan to walk down the mountain or bail and take the funicular back down.  Every one was feeling pretty good, besides the wet panted one, so we decided to keep to the plan.

The scenery was gorgeous as we made our way slowly down with mossy green verdant forests, babbling brooks and waterfalls, and ethereal fog.  It rained on and off as we started and then towards the end it was mostly "on."  The delay of our luggage meant we didn't have the Ergo baby carrier, so D rode in the stroller snugged up in a blanket (and fell asleep) and C rode in daddy's arms wrapped in his coat (and fell asleep).  Daddy's arms got pretty tired, as it was a pretty long way and she had to be carried just so to keep her out of the rain.  Still it was a lovely walk, and made us want to do more trekking in this part of the world.

By the time we got back it was pancake time.  The hotel puts out a bowl of batter next to a hot griddle, and you can make-your-own crepe-style pannekaken (Norwegian pancakes) for afternoon snack.  Or... lunch as in our case.  These things are so delicious, I think I could eat them for multiple meals a day.  They set out some toppings - blueberry jam, strawberry jam, orange marmalade, and plain yogurt, but I prefer the simple butter and sugar approach.  A cup of hot tea along with that and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I'm all set.

After we emerged stuffed with pannekaken, our suitcases were waiting for us at the front desk - yay!  C had a nap, and the boys ran out to the grocery store for some milk and a walk in the rain.

When they got back we had dinner at the evening "appetizer" spread at the hotel (part three of the "Eat Norway for free" plan - tonight, nacho/taco bar with lots of fresh veggies), and then headed out for another walk around Bryggen, because, dude, the sun came out.  On the way back in we headed up into the clock tower that tops our hotel, and had "adventure," as D repeated over and over and over...

That's what it's all about right there.

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