Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Conversations with Andrew

Mama (to Maggie): I'll have to talk to Travis about it.
Andrew: Travis come back home?
Mama: Do you know who Travis is?  What is Travis's other name?
Andrew: Daddy!
Mama: That's right!  What's my name?
Andrew: Mama.
Mama: Very good.  What's my other name?
Andrew: Mommy.


Andrew (happening across my Juno coffee mug on the table): Oh, Juno!
Daddy: What's Juno, Andrew?
Andrew: Spacecraft!
Daddy: That's right!  Where is Juno going?
Andrew: The airport.


Mama: What have you got there, Andrew?
Andrew: Key.  Magic key.
Mama: What does it do?
Andrew (closes his fist and inserts key into it.  turns key. opens fist): Open! (closes fist) Closed!

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  1. The two-year language explosion is so much fun! Take lots of videos of the cuteness.