Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Highlights

November was pretty quiet.

We took a quick trip to Boston and met online friends Shelley and Juniper.  (Right after this picture was taken, Andrew closed our rental minivan door on Clara's thumb.)

We had a staycation down in Colorado Springs with Miss Maggie and Mr. Trey, and we went to visit the US Olympic Training Center.  There also happened to be a fare mistake that weekend so we spent a large amount of effort booking travel for 2014...

We had a quiet Thanksgiving all to ourselves, and I discovered that it's the same amount of effort to cook fro four people as it is to cook for 15.  It sure was yummy, though!

We prepared for advent by making a calendar of little presents to open each day.  A large portion of these were the pieces of the Little People nativity scene.

And we celebrated Travis's birthday... along with an Ohio State win in THE GAME.

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