Sunday, January 9, 2011

Babymoon 2.0

We have spent this weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  And yes, we did fly via Phoenix, LA, and DC to get here (in response to the question my coworkers asked: "Is this about miles?").  But I actually find these quick weekend trips to be more relaxing than our big vacations - the pressure is off to pack in sightseeing, even if we do some.  And we tend to spend a lot of time chilling out at the hotel, in this case the Intercontinental, with nights for free earned in a promotion.

Peanut doesn't really like redeye flights - he hasn't been kicking my guts as much the past couple days.  I think he's confused about what time zone we're in and when he's supposed to be awake.

Oh!  But he kicked me right then, so maybe he knows I'm talking about him.  It was an "I'm fine, MOM." kind of kick.  :oP

Travis decided that he wanted to "officially" blog the trip on the travel blog, so here's the link for that:

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  1. I love that peanut kicked you just now (or at least as you were writing this!) My 'peanuts' used to do the same to me!! Your weekend get-aways sound heavenly! I wonder if somehow I could manage that... maybe by myself though! HA HA HA!
    ps. Love the fun background on the blog!