Friday, May 20, 2011

drive-by photo post

Just a couple random fun things from this past week...

Andrew is 3 weeks old and is now 8lb, 8.7oz and gaining more than the target ounce per day.  Overachiever!!

We like napping on mommy's chest:

We're also practicing napping in the pack-n-play.  *Someday* we'll learn how to sleep on our own for more than two minutes.
Yes, this moment of peace is about to end.

John and Mary came to visit and brought quiche for dinner and Dr. Seuss to read.  Thanks!!:

"Aunt" Maggie came to visit.  Our kid has so many "aunts" and "uncles" it's not even funny.
(A huge thank you to Aunt Maggie for all the incredible help, too!  You make our lives so much easier!)

Napping in the Moby lets mommy be mobile and start to *think* about getting some stuff done:

We love daddy time:

Daddy had to go back to work after paternity leave.  Mommy is sad:

Tummy time!!:

And quite possibly my favorite Andrew photo to date:

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  1. Ah! Time is already going to fast! I can't get over all of Andrew's hair! I think he has way more than Sean (who is over a year and a half now!!!) ;-) Motherhood sure looks good on you! You still have that beautiful glow about you!