Thursday, May 26, 2011

USAFA Commissioning

This is a retro-post.  

When Andrew was three weeks old, he embarked on his first major excursion to attend Uncle Tyler's Commissioning as a Second Lieutenant at the US Air Force Academy.  We decided that the commencement ceremony might be a little too much for us, as it was outside in Falcon Stadium, and a long multi-hour event.  Andrew hung out in the sling for most of the commissioning activities.  He got to meet Great Aunt Kathy, Mariko and Devon, and Uncle Devin and (soon-to-be-future) Aunt Kathleen for the first time.  He dressed for the occasion in his Air Force Fightin' Falcons hat.

The trip also marked Andrew's first night in a hotel, the Colorado Springs Marriott (also the official home hotel of the Air Force Falcons football team!).  He slept extremely well and enjoyed being the king of the king-size bed.

After the family returned from the commencement ceremony, we attended a party thrown by Monique's family at their cabin west of C-Springs.  Then our family along with Uncle Devin and Kathleen made our way home and got to spend some quality time.

My future sister-in-law, Kathleen, took the gorgeous pictures at commissioning and at home with Andrew.  Check out her art and photography websites at and  Next time we need to make sure and get some photos of her with Andrew!!


  1. Ooooh I was wondering when these would show up! Thanks for the lovely words, future sister-in-law :)

  2. Love it!!! Can't believe how little he looks in the bed! How exciting to be getting a new sis too! Yeah for love!!! <3 (Saw the pics when your mom shared them... AWESOME!)