Thursday, August 4, 2011

Funny things are everywhere

I've been reading a lot of "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" lately.

At three months old, Andrew doesn't get a doctor's appointment, so I whipped out the tape measure and estimated him at 25 inches long.  Also, we missed breastfeeding support group last week, so I interpolated this week's weight with the previous week's to get a 3-month weight of 15lbs 1oz.  It appears his 12 oz/week (nearly double the "normal" growth rate) has finally slowed to a snail's-paced 6.7 oz/week.  I guess he won't be a 747 by the time he's three, after all.

His height and weight put him at or around the 71st percentile for boys.  Rockin'!

The Nelsons came over last weekend, and Andrew got some quality Tara-time.

The Nelson boys enjoyed the cradle.

Andrew is getting really good at holding up his head.  He can sit up on a lap pretty well, and can be propped up on a pillow or in a chair.  So I got him a seat for supported sitters.  He can only sit in it for about 5 minutes before his neck and back get tired, but he does a great job.  Won't be long until he can sit there for a long time!

This is his "look of concentration."  New toys and all.


He's getting to be a pro at the bottle.  I finally realized that he was getting frustrated because we were still giving him the ultra-slow flow newborn nipples!  A quick trip to BRU later, and he's cruising along with a nipple upgrade.  Much happier.

Soon he'll hold it by himself!

Tummy time is much happier lately, especially with the Boppy as a prop.  He actually plays with the toys while he's down there, which is a new development.  He likes picking the ball up - it rattles.

So this is his new favorite thing.  He sits in the swing (or bouncy chair or car seat) and you throw a blanket on top of him.  He giggles and fluffs it around with his hands, then he sucks on it, rubs it on his cheek, nestles into it, talks to it... This provides more entertainment than practically anything else we have.  He's also talking to the animals on the mobile a lot now, which he's doing in this picture as well.

Since it appears that Travis's puffy foot resolved when his mom put him in shoes (for unrelated reasons), I decided to get Andrew a zoogie pair and see what happens.  The compression of the shoes deflates his foot quite nicely, but it always fills up again when the shoe is off for some period of time.  Hopefully we can convince the foot that it likes to be in its deflated state eventually.

And they're cute too.

Oh, the shoes remind me that he likes to lock his knees when you pull him up, so instead of pulling him up to a seated position, you pull him up to standing.  He stands for longer and longer times.  He does this barefoot quite happily, but the shoes give him a whole new level of stability.  That's about the only thing he likes about the shoes.  Most of the time he's complaining that he wants them off.

We continue to sleep long stretches at night, but we haven't yet settled down into a new routine.

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