Thursday, March 22, 2012

Miraculous Sleep Update

I am almost afraid to post this.

Two nights ago, Andrew slept from 9:30pm until 7am with no assisted wakeups and only one cry-out (around 6am) after which he put himself back to sleep.  I was SHOCKED, but knew that it could be an isolated event.

Last night, he slept from 8:30pm until after 7am with only one assisted wakeup (1:30am), and *that* only required a minute or two of backrubbing to fix.

Could this actually be... a boy who sleeps at night???

Additionally, he seems to have almost completely night-weaned himself.  This has been going on for a couple weeks.  Where he used to drink the better part of a bottle sometime between 1am and 4am, over the past couple weeks, he slowly decreased that to just wanting to "wet his whistle" at each wakeup...  And now he pushes the bottle away entirely.  I have read so much about difficulties with nightweaning and how a night feeding can stand in the way of full nights of sleep.  I never imagined he would drop the bottle at night completely on his own!  And he did the same thing with the pacifier! 

After horrendous baby sleep for nearly 11 months, it seems like some things are finally going the easy way!

Obviously this could go back again in a heartbeat - two steps forward, one step back and all that.  But we are just coming out of the 45 week regression, and it should be another 6-8 weeks until the next one, so... maybe this will stick for a while???

Just in time for us to rest up before we have to deal with newborn sleep again!


  1. The shirt pretty much says it all.....

  2. What a doll!!! Yeah for sleep today! You are right... tomorrow (or even a month or year later) could be different but for today CELEBRATE! My kids were good with the feedings. By the time I went back to work they were on only four feedings. I nursed before work, pumped a bottle, nursed after work and then before bed. I was a milk making machine though and if they pulled off I swear I could spray to the other side of the room (sorry for TMI). I was wise with the three Bigs and pulled their pacifiers out of their mouths at 8 months (Al's thumb went in at that time). Sean I wasn't so wise with... his is in his mouth as I type I imagine (he's sleeping... thankfully... for today... or for right now... you never know!) ;-)