Sunday, May 13, 2012


When I was pregnant with Andrew, we joked that we had three or four different "babymoon" trips.  I suppose you could say the same this time around, with all of our European adventures this winter.  But we had one final trip booked this time, on the last weekend I felt comfortable traveling (going on 34 weeks), to a beachy destination (Puerto Rico), to rest, relax, recharge, and just enjoy being a family of three.

We stayed at the Hyatt Hacienda del Mar, a Vacation Club resort, which means the units are condos/time shares and the empty units are rented out as hotel rooms.  This is the same place we were visiting for our 1st wedding anniversary when we found out that we were pregnant with Andrew - happy memories!  The Hyatt is totally undersubscribed and it can feel like you are the only guests there, which in our case is a good thing! We love the feel of having our own private beach.  We also sprung for the 1BR unit this time, as opposed to the studio, which meant we got a full kitchen as well.  This was SO GOOD as it allowed us to stay in, putz around at our leisure, and cook our own meals (with no lard).  Fantastic!

Just so you guys don't think we're getting soft, our flights were routed via LAX on the outbound and SFO on the return.  :oP

Daddy and Mommy were tired after the redeye, so Andrew volunteered to drive in San Juan rush hour traffic

 It was Andrew's first time at a beach and he had a ball in the sand!  He loved digging with shovels and generally getting sand into places we didn't know he had places.  He had a bath every day and plenty of swimming.

Daddy exercises his sand castle mojo.
Andrew had been swimming in pools before, but never in the ocean, which can be kind of overwhelming, what with the waves and all.  So we started slowly, just sitting in the tide and letting the little waves roll over our legs.  Oh yeah, beware the extremely pregnant lady in a bathing suit...

He really enjoyed swimming in the ocean and rolling up and down with the waves.  He kept trying to drink the water and seemed continually surprised that it was salty.  His least favorite part was the shower at the beach where we tried to rinse off the sand and salt, but he did like that he got to take a bath with mommy or daddy back at the room every day in the large jacuzzi tub.

On the second day, it rained pretty much all day (we were in a rainforest, after all).  But that didn't stop our beachy fun!  Daddy and Andrew staked out their own private beach cabana and built some more sand castles, while Mommy floated in the salty ocean with a snorkel - best pregnancy activity EVER.

It's not often you get to feel weightless while pregnant.

Mr. Sandman

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.
 We also spent a good amount of time in the kiddie pool (unheated) and big pool (heated).  Andrew liked swimming, but he liked climbing the stairs even better.

About 45 seconds after this, he slipped and knocked his head on the stairs.  :(

The view from our room

Sunset over the Hyatt

We attempted putt putt after the rain, but the course was pretty well flooded.  I would have won, of course.

Andrew's new hobby: climbing into cabinets.

The kiddie pool after dark.


This is straight out of a Jimmy Buffett song

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  1. Love the pics! My sister in law is thinking about getting married in Puerto Rico and I wasn't really looking forward to it, but now I am! What a great babymoon idea. Maybe we'll copy you the next time around :-)