Friday, August 17, 2012

Two (or Three) Items

#1)  We went for a walk before dinner.  A little ways down our road there was a snake in the road - a pretty big snake, mostly stretched out.  I've seen garter snakes up under our trailer so I was like, okay, no problem.   Since it was in the middle of the road, I assumed it was roadkill and was bracing myself for snake guts... but it was a whole snake, and as we approached it, it flicked it's tongue.

At that point I was like, "Okay it's alive.  It's a BIG alive snake."  Then I looked at its tail.  "Is it a rattler?  Oh my gosh it's a rattler."

In eight-plus years of living in Colorado, I had yet to see a rattlesnake.  We weren't even sure we'd see them up at our place due to the elevation or what have you.  But it was.  A rattler.  Confirmed when Travis poked it with a long stick and it coiled up into striking position.  (Why yes, we are the brightest bulbs on the string - why do you ask?)  What freaked me out the most was that the entire time we were around, it didn't rattle - stealth, ninja rattlesnake.  Fantastic.

We returned home after that.

#2) First night with the video baby monitor- I'm fascinated.  I can see that this is a neat tool that could help us solve some sleep issues, instead of the crib being a black box.  But I also feel like a creepy stalker.  Made worse by the fact that I kind of wish I could take a screenshot of him sleeping and post it to Facebook.

Bonus #3) Dee-licious dinner tonight - like healthy, Indian hamburger helper.  So fast and easy too!  It's called keema.  Check it out.  We used some CSA tomatoes and chilis.  Added some Cholula for extra kick.

That's all for now.  I have a pile of actual important-to-record-for-posterity blog posts to finish... but that's too overwhelming for the sheer volume of it.  So this is what comes out instead.


  1. Oh ugh - welcome to the first rattler sighting - we've had one or two - but nothing that close as you describe...and I'd expect more here in Tucson anyway than your place!

  2. Grandma SchonsheckAugust 18, 2012 at 5:01 AM

    This Grandma says "Yikes" to the rattle snake. But, I guess we all knew that living there the kids will be getting quite the education on nature. Be careful! (I had to say that...I'm the Grandma!)