Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Items of note

Somethings worth recording, in no particular order:

(1) TMI about potties, perhaps, but whatever.  Last night while getting ready for bed, Andrew signed "potty."  I figured he was just stalling (he's been doing that lately), but I want to be consistent about reinforcing the potty so that we can get on with that business as soon as possible.  Plus, I had to go, so I thought we may as well.  We headed into the bathroom and Andrew sat down on his potty while I sat on mine.  I said, "Listen!  Mommy is going pee pee.  Can you go pee pee in the potty?"  And he said, "Yeah," and then proceeded to go!!  I was stunned!  He hasn't been too much interested in the potty, other than a place to read books while mommy or daddy goes.  But now that I think about it, he's been making the potty sign after he poops his diaper, so maybe all the little pieces of awareness are starting to come together.  Maybe we're closer to big boy pants than I thought!

(2) After getting a little frustrated by the newborn schedule of eat-wake-sleep-change-repeat that I've been following with Clara, I decided to feed her twice before trying to put her down for naps.  Almost instantaneously we've had longer naps (1.5-2hrs instead of 20 minutes) and a earlier bedtime (thank goodness!).  Hopefully this will continue and we can ride through the four month sleep regression.  I think we're in it because she's dropped her long block at night.  But if this is as bad as it gets, we can handle it.

(3) Today, Clara discovered how to pull the ring on her bouncy chair that plays the music, and now she won't let go of that ring!  She just pulls it over and over.  My little girl is growing up already!

(4) I've been obsessed with searching out the details of my family tree, now that Clara was so honored as to be the 7th generation to receive this beautiful China doll while we were in Michigan earlier this month:

In tracing the doll's history through the generations, making fascinating discoveries: a doctor (not just farmers), Canadians (oh my!), and a branch of the family that can be traced to colonial Connecticut.  I can't seem to stop searching for this information - to the detriment of my bedtime.  Oh the things you can find on the internet!

Finding all of this family information and records of times past make me feel a little silly about recording potty awareness and bouncy chair rings for posterity.  But I do hope that 200 years in the future, my descendants might find the minutiae of having kids still hasn't changed all that much, and maybe they'll enjoy having that in common with me.

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  1. Amazing the doll has survived all those generations.

    Glad to read babies are doing great.