Saturday, October 6, 2012

Too many cute pictures...

 We welcomed our new sitter Maggie as mommy goes back to work.

Maggie learns the Moby

Miss Jessica came over for dinner, along with Mr. Edaan and Mr. Leor
A new favorite thing is climbing into the end table, shutting the doors, then bursting out of it.

Signing "Again!!"

We got purple cauliflower in the CSA, and made purple cauliflower and white bean puree

Andrew is becoming quite helpful in the kitchen.  We bake a lot.  The other day, I peeled and chopped potatoes for mashed potatoes, and he put the potato chunks into the pot for me.  He also likes to open up the door to the spice cabinet (above where he usually stands) and pretends to shake spices into the dishes.  A budding gourmand!

Andrew also likes to help give Clara her baths

...and mug for the camera
He looks so much like his great-grandpa Arnold in this picture, I can't get over it.  He had soaked all of his grilled cheese in his tomato soup before eating it at lunch.

First hair doodad.  She doesn't seem too sure about it...

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