Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Few Moments

We played a super-fun game tonight where Travis and I "hid" the toy bowling pins around our upstairs loft/playarea, and Andrew went and found them.  We had to suggest where to look ("Why don't you look in Clara's swing?"), but he caught on really fast  It was our first really structured after-dinner playtime activity, and it was really fun!  He makes this excited growl noise, and he did that whenever he found one.  Love it!

Clara spent a significant amount of time while this was going on next to a diaper box with a picture of a baby and mom on it.  She kept trying to touch the faces and cooing at them.  

Andrew now uses the words "up" and "done" with aplomb.  And he will too, because he wants to see what you are doing.  

Clara giggles when I give her eskimo kisses.

Andrew can now follow instructions into the other room.  "Can you go put your toothbrush on the bathroom sink?"  "Can you put that in the trash can?"  "Can you set this silverware on the table?" These requests are met with the eager thud-thud-thud of little feet. (Whoever said it was pitter patter obviously never met my son.)  He is so thoughtful and conscientious.  I watch him and feel like my heart is going to explode with joy and pride.  I wonder if my mom felt this way about me - wanting to shout from rooftops because my brothers and I were so awesome.  Because that's how I feel about my kids.

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