Thursday, November 22, 2012


For Thanksgiving this year, we did something we've been wanted to do since we bought this house: have the entire family over for the holiday!  Our house was bursting with love and people and FOOD and attention for the kids and festive spirit... and gratefulness.  

Since our parents (the kids' grandparents) are often together with us, we decided it was a good idea to give them different names.  The opportunity was there, since Andrew is starting to remember things like that.  Indeed, by the end of the weekend, he knew exactly who everyone was, and he was quizzed on it!

Travis's parents (now officially known as Grandma and Grandpa - or possibly Gma and Gpa in blog shorthand) rolled in the week prior and got in some grandkid time.  Andrew refused to sit in his chair to eat dinner for the first few days that they were here - he just wanted to sit on their laps.

The weekend prior to the holiday I made my Costco and grocery runs and loaded up on food. Turns out it takes a large volume to feed 8-13 people for 4-5 days.

My mom (now Nana) came in on Tuesday, and we got straight to work making pies.  Andrew is, of course, a very eager kitchen helper, and very good at beating eggs, actually.

Apple pie - known as it was made as the "ugliest pie ever" - my first attempt at double crust.
Uncle Devin and Aunt Kathleen came in on Wednesday evening, and Kathleen helped me construct the "fruit turkey."  Yay, Pinterest!  Andrew said, "Cheese and grapes!  My two favorite things!"

Uncle Devin made chili for lunch on Friday
Aunt Kathleen takes lovely pictures.  Here's her website.

My dad (Papa), Uncle Tyler, and Aunt Monique arrived on Thursday.  Ty and Monique drove like the wind from Oklahoma and surprised us by walking in the door so early!  They brought their gorgeous weimaraner, Callahan, to round out the party.

Everybody chipped in to help get our massive dinner on the table.  We had ham, turkey, sausage and mushroom stuffing, twice baked butternut squash, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (ala Grandma and Grandpa), creamy corn, homemade noodles from Monique and her mom, orange-scented cranberry sauce, and rolls.  The squash was my favorite.  Here is the recipe.

I brined the turkey, which was my first time trying that.  To be quite honest, I couldn't tell the difference.  The turkey wasn't dry, but it wasn't particularly mind-blowingly moist, either.  It was just normal turkey.  So... I'm not sure if I'll put in that effort in future years.

For dessert, there was mile high apple pie, PW pecan pie (for my hubby), and a pumpkin pudding/mousse thingy.

It was definitely a day to feel incredibly blessed, happy, and thankful.


  1. Looks like you outdid yourself for your first Thanksgiving dinner - what a feast! Loved hearing about it and I will be trying your recipes. We are Nana and Papa to our grandchildren as well! Looking forward to Part 2!

  2. That pie is beautiful! I honestly think that the less uniform the pie the more unique it becomes. And I am going to try that butternut squash this week. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Looks like such a fun house filled with so much love!