Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Big Ships: None the Worse For Wear

After a pretty refreshing night of sleep, we headed back to PTY once again.  Amazingly enough, all four of our upgrades cleared, even after I wasn't on the list properly.  It was an "old config" plane, but it was hard to complain.  We left PTY late, Copa-style, so that we were delayed almost an hour into IAD, making our connection tight.  We had originally been put on the later flight, but decided it was worthwhile to make an attempt at the earlier one and get home before kiddo bedtime, so we had made a same-day confirmed change.

Between Global Entry (both immigration and customs) and TSA PreCheck, we basically got through all the lines as fast as humanly possible.  We had to take the train out to concourse C, and from there ran at a near sprint to the gate.  Miraculously, we made it while they were boarding the last 4 people.  And two of our upgrades cleared!  (Well, actually three, when all was said and done, but we need either 2 or 4 due to the kiddos needing supervision, so I gave up the third one and sat in coach with C).  I couldn't believe that we made it.

Of course, sprinting through the airport in 3-day-old tropical clothes didn't do anything great for my smell, so sorry to my seatmate.  She was actually en route from Geneva with her 4 month old, so we bonded over travel with babies.

Arrival went smoothly, the checked bags made it, the car started, and we pulled into our driveway just a few minutes after bedtime. 

A day late. 

But that's okay.

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