Thursday, October 3, 2013

Seat belts

This story from our awesome nanny is too priceless not to share:

"I have been having an issue with Andrew staying in his chest strap. He has been continually unbuckling it, or screaming because his buckles "are too tight" (i.e. he cant wiggle out of them). I have been pretty frustrated with pulling the car over lalalalala, as much as we talk about how they are for safety and we must put them on, nothing was working.

"Today driving to Costco we passed a Morrison police officer and I had a bright idea. We circle back to where he was hanging out and pull behind the cruiser. I jump out as he is getting out of the car and ask for a favor. I tell him that I have an extremely bright toddler in the back seat resisting seatbelt safety. He was super nice and happy to help. As he approaches, Andrew instantly starts fiddling to re-snap his chest strap. Officer Mac told Andrew how important every part of his carseat was and that he needed to stay buckled and remind everyone in the car to buckle up for safety, He then check his seat and the "tightness" and told Andrew that it was the perfect tightness for safety. So now, Andrew is saying, "We have to stay buckled while the car is moving for safety just like Officer Mac said." He is also checking clara's seat and buckle the way Officer Mac did to make sure it is safe. And he is not getting out of his chest strap clip, sooo success!!!!"

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