Thursday, December 19, 2013

Early December

The first part of December was a delightful celebration of advent.  It was really fun to have a kid old enough to understand just a little bit what a holiday was, and that it was Jesus' birthday, and why we give gifts. 

Andrew didn't totally understand the gift giving thing, though.  After Daddy took him out shopping one morning, he returned home after a strict discussion that gifts should be a surprise, and announced to me "Mama, we bought you candles!"  The favor was returned a few days later with "Daddy, do you want to see the tools we got you?"  Ah well.  He certainly was full of joy.

Mary, on a tractor

We went to see Santa at the Big R up in Conifer, which was really great, because there was virtually no one there, so the pressure was low.  Andrew didn't really know the process, although we've talked a little about who Santa is.  When Santa asked "What do you want for Christmas?" Andrew gave him a confused look and changed the subject: "Did you know there's a cowboy hat on top of that Christmas tree?"  They also had a discussion of some of the lawn equipment that was sitting outside the store.

Clara wasn't too sure of Santa at first, but agreed to sit on my lap and stare at him.

And then, of course, we had to try on some cowboy hats.  As you do.

Wood piles ready for winter

Watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special

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