Wednesday, March 24, 2010

After the storm... getting to work

So, I woke up this morning to the news that I would not, in fact, have a snow day.  Rats.  So disappointing.  Actually though, I ran out and measured the snow and found 10 inches, which was less than the 16-24 they were predicting.  So all in all it wasn't that bad.  I got ready and headed out to work at about 7:30am, and tried to capture some of the gorgeousness.  Snow was still falling lightly:

Of course, I was tromping through the snow to get to my jeep, and the snow was coming up to just below my knee, which would put it at about 14 inches.   The wind had been blowing pretty hard during the storm, so hard to tell what is drift and what is windblown.  I guess we got between 10-14 inches.

I then found my jeep at the bottom:

It cleaned up good, and because I parked a little uphill, I got a running start which helped me fourwheel it over the pile from the snowplow (which had already been by!).  I got to work just fine, on nicely plowed roads.

By late afternoon, it was gorgeous, sunny, and going on warm.  I got my Jeep nestled back into it's spot at the end of the driveway (only took a little knocking down of the snowplow pile with a shovel and a couple runs in 4WD in reverse to push in some tracks), and then snapped a few pics of the sparkling snow.  Complete with my footprints still around from the morning.

I love living here!

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