Monday, March 29, 2010

Meet the Turkeys

I had heard them before, but today I met them - the Turkey family:

A big, beautiful tom and his lovely hen.

The driveway had melted off enough yesterday in the warm, sunny weather, that I was able to drive the Jeep to the top overnight (for the first time since Tuesday morning - yay!).  So I pulled out this morning to go to work, I swung around the switchback onto the lower part of the driveway, and there they were, standing in the middle of the drive, in the snow.  The tom wasn't happy to see me at all.  He puffed out all of his magnificent plumage, gobbled, and walked straight toward me as if he was going to take on the Jeep.

Sorry, dude, but you would lose that fight.  And you look too much like thanksgiving dinner for me to feel bad about it.

As I rolled the Jeep slowly toward him, he and his mate hopped with purpose off the side of the hill and out of sight.

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