Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First blizzard

Snow was in the forecast for this evening, and the heavens did not disappoint.  I had planned to leave work at about 6, but reports said the snow was beginning to stick at 5:30, so I thought I better take off early.  Boy, am I glad i did.  It was snowing with a VENGEANCE.

I saw two snowplows on the drive home, which was reassuring, but I still laid first tracks up our road.  Visibility was so bad that I almost missed our driveway.  I parked the Jeep at the bottom of the driveway, backed up the hill just a car length or so, to let the plows through if they come.  By the time I walked up the hill, me and my bags were coated in the swirling snow.  We already had over an inch on the ground, and it was only coming down harder.  I snapped some pics before dark.

Now I'm all cozied up and the wind is howling outside. We've had a couple of power dips.  I hope it doesn't go out entirely -- I don't know how to power up the generator yet.  Really hoping for a snow day tomorrow.  If it's a snow day, I'm totally going to build a fire in the stove.  :o)

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