Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jackson Hole

Prepare yourself, for there are many pictures.  And much cuteness.

From our unexpected trip to Ohio, we left immediately for an expected trip to Jackson, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park for the wedding of a colleague of mine.  

Cuddling in the morning

Nursing at Jenny Lake, beneath the Tetons - appropriately.

The Snake River from Signal Mountain - imagine Lewis and Clark floating by in their canoes
 After exploring Grand Teton, we headed over to a pre-wedding picnic, but not before adding the state of Idaho to my list by stepping (literally) across the border.

At the picnic, it got chilly, so Andrew put on his 3-month size sleeper.  Made for an upper limit of 12.5 pounds.  The sleeves came halfway down his arms.  Oops.  But everyone was enchanted with his cuteness.  You can see why:

The next day we headed down to Schwabacher's Landing for the wedding ceremony.  Andrew looked dapper in his wedding outfit and hat.

Jonathan and Amber tied the knot!
On Sunday, we headed up to Yellowstone - my first time to that park.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Yellowstone's volcanic features.

Leaving the Tetons behind - at Jackson Lake

Andrew was asleep in the car for this picture.

The crowd waits for Old Faithful

Old Faithful being faithful

Interior of the Old Faithful Inn
 We waited a long time to try and catch Grand geyser's daily eruption.  We never did see it go, but we did capture a lot of cuteness on camera....

Diaper change in the caldera


Lion group of geysers

Old Faithful behind

Pink Cone Geyser, with rainbow




First time to Montana!

 The next day, we headed clockwise around the big loop, aiming for Mammoth Hot Springs and Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

When we got to Mammoth Hot Springs, Andrew was sleeping in the car.  Travis volunteered to stay with him since he'd seen it before, so I got to run up and all over the beautiful, eerie hot spring terraces by myself.
Mound Terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs

The top terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs looks like the surface of the moon.

Me with Minerva Terrace
 By the time we got to Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, we didn't have much time before we had to leave for our flight back to Denver.  And baby was hungry.  So we got to nurse with a view, and then we had to pack up and head out.
Upper Falls at Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

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