Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sleep Update: Day 2

The good news: Did not nurse to sleep, but instead a combination of ocean wave sounds, cuddling, patting, and shhh-ing

The good news: Minimum of tears, only slight frustration. (Tears and frustration from him, not me - haha.)

The good news: Rolled to tummy on his own

The good news: Slept 7 hours!!! 8pm-3am (new record!) No wakeups at all!

The bad news: Subsequently threw a party at 3am.  Would not even nurse back to sleep while laying next to me.  I put him back in his crib at about 4 to take a break from trying to get him down, and laid on the futon, listening to him talk and sing to himself quite happily.

The good news: At 4:27am I woke up to a quiet room.  He had put himself to sleep cuddling with a fleece blanket and his AF Football lovey.

The bad news: woke up again at 5:15.  But I was happy to nurse him and then get up for work.

So... mostly awesome.  I am trying really hard not to let the 3am party diminish the massive amount of good that happened last night... but it's difficult.  This list helps.

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