Saturday, September 3, 2011

There Within His Arms to Rest

Last Saturday, Travis's Grandma (Andrew's Great-Grandma) Sarah passed away.  It wasn't sudden - it had been expected for quite some time.  She lived a long, wonderful life of 90 years, and she missed Grandpa terribly for the last 16 and was anxious to be with him again.  Thankfully, we were able to travel to Ohio to attend the funeral and help support the arrangements.  It was a celebration of her life and her story.

The funeral brought people together.  We were able to meet Ben and Marlene, cousins from Utah.  Andrew was able to meet Bill and Dorothy, "Grandpa" Jim and Norma Jean.  We enjoyed the time with family and family friends and just relaxing in Orrville.

Amy talks shop with Ben

Sun tea at Pine Lane

My kingdom for a garden like this!

Andrew meets "Grandpa" Jim and Norma Jean

The funeral itself was beautiful.  There was a wall of pictures assembled from Mom's, Aunt Karen's, and our photo archives which included her husband, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  Included was one spectacular picture from Sarah and Merlin's wedding day in 1940, along with their siblings.  Dad could tell us stories about all of the people, and it was a fascinating slice of family history.

Grandma wore a dress that she herself had picked out, and looked lovely.  Pastor Tom had collected memories from us the day before, and he included those in the message at the funeral parlor service.  I led the gathering in singing "Amazing Grace," and a friend from Grandma's Sunday School class sang "How Great Thou Art."

We then proceeded to the cemetery where Pastor Tom read from the 23rd Psalm.  I sang "I Am Jesus' Little Lamb."  This is a song I sing to Andrew as a lullaby, and the third verse is about going home to Jesus' arms.  It happened that I was carrying Andrew in the sling at the time, so he was up front with me.  As soon as I started singing the song, he perked up, smiled brightly, and just beamed up at me.  Several people remarked afterward that it was an image that they'd remember for the rest of their life.  It was really special.

Travis, Andrew, and I went up to Cleveland and took some time to walk around campus at Case Western Reserve University, where Travis went to college.  I had never been there -- it wasn't as bad as Travis makes it out to be.  ;)  We happened upon a statue commemorating Doc Oc, Travis's chemistry prof who famously exclaimed, "Plug, chug, bang!" when solving equations.  We also stopped in to the Rockefeller physics building to sit in the lecture hall where Daddy took physics and read about the Michaelson-Morley experiment.

"Plug, chug, bang!"

Learning physics

No aether?!  Crazy!  Welcome to modern physics.

 We were able to catch the Indians game while we were in town.  Andrew got a certificate because it was his first game and he was inducted into the "Tribe."  The evening game went to extra innings, and I reluctantly made us leave after the 11th.  It was probably a good choice because the game didn't end until the bottom of the 16th!!!  We were almost all the way home and listening to it on the radio before it ended.


Chilling in my Buckeyes cap.

Yes, this is how empty the game was.

"Don't bother me - I'm watching the game."


The circumstances of our trip weren't the happiest, but it's certainly always a pleasure to be "home" in Ohio.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! What a great post! Grandma LOVES the pictures...the look on Andrew's face in the Grandpa Simpkins and Grandpa Weaver sitting on the swing and I LOVE the Andrew's hat in one of the pictures from the funeral.

    As always it looks like you made the most of the trip "home".