Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Food: Broccoli

We are doing Baby Led Weaning - which is a fancy, capitalized way of saying that we're skipping purees and tasteless rice cereal, and going straight to actual people food.  The theory is that if he is externally able to handle, chew and get down real solid food, that will indicate that his insides are ready to accept it.  Seems biologically logical to me, not to mention easier for me.

I've been putting a bit on his high chair tray for a couple weeks now, but he usually pushes it aside or reaches around it in favor of playing with his (empty) bowl and spoon.  I also tried mama's milk popsicles - breastmilk ice cubes in a mesh feeding bag - but he's not even interested in noshing on those.

Tonight I threw a piece of soft, steamed broccoli on his tray.  He grabbed it and waved it around a while. He watched me intently while I ate a piece of broccoli myself and said, "Mmmmmm..."  The broccoli made it into his mouth.  Then he went to town sucking on it.  I don't think he actually ingested any of the solid parts of it, but that's not the point - the point is the new flavor and texture experience.

Afterwards, the broccoli tree ended up on the floor, and Andrew asked to nurse.  I felt like he was saying, "That was interesting and sort of fun, but I'd rather have your milk, mom."  Awwww....

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