Monday, October 31, 2011

Massachusetts and California

On the weekend before Halloween, we headed back east to the Boston area and visited some friends.  Well... it started out as a weekend in Boston to visit friends, but turned into a lot of flying with only 36 hours on the ground.  So if we missed you in Boston, we're sorry the time got away from us, but we'll be back!

We were very grateful to stay with our friends Barb and Dave and meet their new "little" puppy dog.


Hello, Miss Barb

Dave's a natural.

On Saturday, we hung out with Ben, Emily, and Anika, and went trick or treating in their town.  Andrew went as an Ohio State fan - Thanks to Aunt Lori for knitting this gorgeous and warm scarlet and gray sweater!

Would rather be napping.

Anika the Elephant
After that, Andrew quite enjoyed rolling around on the R's living room floor.

Meeting the kitty cat.

Aaaalllllmost got it.

To cap it off, we met up with Harry and Cathy for a tour of Harry's lab and some pastries.


A nor'easter blew into Boston that night, dumping enough snow to essentially "cancel" halloween for the next day. Luckily, we flew out of Providence, RI, where they miraculously didn't get that much snow.

As a bonus, on the way back home we were able to stop in Orange County to meet Aunt Dottie and Uncle Jim.

We also met Mugsy.

It was a pretty quick trip with a lot packed into it!

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