Monday, October 3, 2011

Sink Navy

This week we headed out to Maryland to see Air Force football beat up on Navy.

First we had a bit of a mileage run -- Andrew and I flew to San Diego before heading back to Denver to pick up our flight to BWI.  We were actually planning to hit SFO too, but the marine layer there had one of the runways shut down, so we bailed on it.  It just so happened that Grandma Mary Ellen and Grandpa Jerry were in San Diego at the time on their own little adventure, so we were able to meet up with them at the Red Carpet Club between flights for some cuddles and to demonstrate new rolling over skills.  

Back in Denver, we met up with Daddy and watched airplanes from the RCC there for a while:

For the football game, we had general admission/standing room only seats.  Navy has this cool grassy hill area where you can put out blankets and enjoy the game.  We arrived just shortly after they opened the stadium (10:30a) to stake out a primo spot - high in the corner with a good view of the field, on a flat spot so the baby wouldn't roll down the hill, against the concrete wall so we had a backrest, on the Air Force side, across from the middy corps.

Nursing with our view of the field.

View of the grassy hill/standing room area.

After taking an early lead, Air Force allowed Navy to catch up in the second half, and the game went into overtime.  Our special teams blocked their extra point attempt after an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty moved their field position back after the touchdown play.  Then we scored a touchdown and made the extra point... for the win!  Final score - Air Force 35, Navy 34.  Much too close for comfort!!

The weather was cool and overcast all day, but it started to lightly drizzle during overtime and while we were waiting for the shuttle bus back to the car.  Ah Football weather!  Cold rain is easy to endure when you are the victors!

Gathered for the Air Force Alma Mater: "Toast to the Host"
 After the game, we drove over to Gaithersburg to visit friends Dan, Jaya, and two-year-old Maya.  Andrew had fun playing with some new-to-him toys, and a new person, even though I'm still not sure he comprehends the existence of other beings besides himself yet.

On Sunday at the hotel, Travis was watching Andrew.  Andrew was playing and rolling on a blanket on the floor while Daddy was working on his laptop.  All of a sudden it was quiet: Andrew had fallen asleep *all by himself with no intervention* on the floor! And proceeded to sleep for about an hour!  There is hope!

Also on the flight (nonstop) back to Denver, he impressively went right down to sleep at his usual bedtime.  We did the sleep routine - diaper and sleeper, recitation of Goodnight Moon, nurse, sing Scarborough Fair and Away In a Manger - and he fussed.  I put him in the car seat, and gave him the plug and he proceeded to close his eyes and drop right off!  Unfortunately, he woke up on the shuttle to the parking lot and had a hard time resettling in the car, but this is tremendous progress.

He's had some seriously good nights of sleep recently, and I think we are in the lull of restfulness before crawling and teething.  Good job, Bug.  Mama appreciates it!

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  1. Mom told me to *tsk* you for when you were in Annapolis. I know you were probably crazy busy, but she would have loved to get to see you (if just briefly) and meet Andrew. Next time :)