Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bangkok: The One Where D Stopped Sleeping

This trip is pretty low key in terms of sightseeing.  Since I'm not yet recovered from my broken ankle, my plan was to just sit around the hotel with my leg up mostly.  So that's pretty much what I'm doing.

We all woke up around 7am and headed to the Grand Club for breakfast.  It was a nice spread, and D astonished all of the hostesses with his ability to demolish scrambled eggs, grapes, yogurt, and smoked salmon.  He also got to try watermelon juice, which was an instant hit.  The Thai hostess also pointed to C in disbelief - "Did she have all that hair when she was born??"

The day was filled with minutiae - playing with toys, walks with Daddy.  Nothing fancy.  At 2pm - his normal naptime  - D looked tired, so we offered a nap.  Which he took, and woke up at 4:30pm, the normal time.  We were like "WHOA, is he going to adjust to Bangkok time?  In a DAY???  Did we mess him up just enough but not too much?  Cool!"

We got to meet up with J, a colleague of T's who was here on business, which was fun and random.  We went and got delicious noodles (char kway teow, black pepper crab with glass noodles, and a red curry) at the restaurant "You and Mee" (Mee being the word for noodles) along with satay and dumplings, for if not Bangkok-cheap prices, then at least less-than-you-would-expect-for-the-Hyatt prices. D was acting really weird during dinner - wouldn't sit, wouldn't eat, only wanted to run up and down the stairs on the first two levels of the hotel (which he did with both me and his dad, taking shifts while the other one ate.  I mean, yes, he's a toddler, but usually when there is food around, you have his full and complete attention.

We got back to the room and bid J adieu, then settled down to bed for the night, a little late around 9:30pm.  D wanted to sleep where he had napped - on the couch in the living room.

Around midnight, he stirred and woke up with an ominous "boo peek" and a dirty diaper.  Those are two harbingers of being up for the day, and indeed, despite our best efforts and many many episodes of "Little Einsteins," he did not go back to sleep.  We rolled into breakfast at the club when they opened at 6:30a, and the hostess commented that the kids were up early.  Oh, you have no idea.  We offered him a nap after breakfast.  Nope, not having it.

Finally at about 12:45pm, he dropped in his tracks.  It so happened that C was going down for a "nap" about that time as well, so we drew up the shades and all crawled into bed to get some much needed rest.  Well, when C woke up to eat for the first time at 4p, she went straight back to sleep, like it was nighttime.  D didn't even move.  So we rolled with it and went back to sleep.  We rolled with it for the next 12 hours.

C woke "for the day" around 12:30am, and D made it until 2am.  So.... not really adjusted after all.  Or rather, adjusted by about 3 hours.

We have embraced this and the kids have both been out for walks with dad in the wee hours of the morning.  Breakfast turns into lunch, and we are all getting a decent amount of sleep. 

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